Advertising Professional: what it is

Get to know the Advertising and Propaganda career, what the job market is like for these professionals and where to study!

The Advertising uses creativity and communication techniques to promote products, services, ideas and brands. It can be used to build the image of companies, causes and people with a specific target audience and its professionals have a very broad field of work, which goes beyond the Advertising and Propaganda agencies.

Find out more about your career in Advertising, how the job market is for these professionals and where to study!


The advertiser is responsible for planning, creating, evaluating and coordinating advertising campaigns for different media (TV, Internet, print, radio, etc.). He can also act within companies, designing communication strategies, in addition to advising brands and people (such as artists, politicians, celebrities, etc.).


The professional graduated in the Advertising and Propaganda course can develop his activities in:

  • Advertising Agencies: in the areas of creation (art and writing), planning, media, research and social media.
  • Service Provider Companies: as video, audio and internet producers, printing companies and photo studios, among others.
  • Private Companies: in the sales and marketing departments, defining strategies or bridging the gap between the company and advertising agencies.
  • Consultancies: providing services as a consultant to define brand strategy.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations: working in the development of awareness campaigns for a cause or for raising funds, for example.
  • Public Sector: defining educational or promotional campaigns for governments, states and city halls.

Labor market:

Currently advertising creation is an area with attractive salaries and also one of the most popular. Especially in big cities, there are excellent opportunities in Advertising Agencies, promotion of fairs and conventions (which happen several times, every year) and in the marketing area of ​​medium and large companies. The online advertising market, in the areas of social media, digital marketing and e-commerce, also offers an excellent field of action and is on the rise.

Microsoft certified professionals (MCP) are certified professionals who focus on Microsoft information technology plans and applications. 


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