are looking to hire a Linux System Administrator

So, you are looking to hire a Linux System Administrator? Do you know the requisite skill sets that a system administrator must have? What are the roles & responsibilities of Linux system administrator?

Even if you are not aware of these things, no need to worry! Here, in this post, I’ll walk you through

  • Most widely used operating systems to administer i.e. Windows & Linux
  • System administrator roles and responsibilities
  • System administrator skill list
  • Proven system administration interview questions to assess & hire the top talent

Linux System Administrator is a person who handles multi-user systems, servers so that system users can have hassle-free experience without any security threat. StatCounter report released in September 2017 says that the usage share for Windows is 36.34% and for Linux (desktop) is 0.75%.  Also, according to, Network/ System administration is among the most in-demand skills. Their role is very important in your organization & that is why your role also as a recruiter gains more prominence as you need to hire the right candidate.


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