AWS Introduces HealthLake, Big Data Service for Life Sciences

Matt Wood, AWS Vice President for AI, unveiled on Tuesday (8) Amazon HealthLake., A service focused on the healthcare market.

During a lecture at the re: Invent conference , the executive described the service as a way to "store, transform and analyze health and biological sciences data in the cloud on a petabyte scale", according to a publication on the ZDNet website .

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The announcement was made during a lecture on machine learning for the second week of the conference. At the time, Wood took the stage to discuss several new aspects of industrial machine learning applications, and spoke about health and life sciences.

According to him, work in this field is hampered by the way the data is spread across various repositories in different formats, requiring weeks or months to organize, prepare and transform the data.

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Wood gave an example of HealthLake used to detect diabetes. For the early diagnosis of diabetes, doctors have to examine hundreds of thousands of data points for donor notes and prescriptions and the rest. The platform can load structured data automatically, the website says, but also extract information like patient names from medical notes and add them to a data lake.

"These are just pieces of the puzzle spread across different silos, but when combined, we can have a much clearer picture," said Wood.

The executive also took the stage Elad Benjamin, General Manager of Computer Radiology Business at the medical device giant Philips. Benjamin noted the difficulty of an abundance of health data.

"Doctors need to work in these silos, and it's getting more difficult for them to diagnose and treat," said Benjamin. He said Philips is using AWS services to free scientists to pursue "high-profile activities," according to ZDNet .

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