Become a Switchboard Operator

Switchboard Operator (including Answering Service) refers to a broad category of switchboard operators. Such operators may be employed at a company to handle the telephone equipment or any other communications systems. Their job includes handling incoming calls, routing them to the right offices or employees within a company and directing outgoing calls to the intended destination. It may also be a part of their job to take care of interoffice calls within the company. Switchboard operators may also be required to arrange conference calls for company employees as instructed by the executives. Switchboard operators are also known by a number of other job titles. These include Information Specialist, Telecommunications Clerk and Telephone Operator.

The Switchboard Operator will handle the radio system to relay in-house messages and information. They usually open and close DID lines in the conference room and ran necessary reporting for posting calls. The professional also does regular clerical duties such as filing, stuffing envelopes, etc. A PBX Operator has to take care of the front desk computer system as well.


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