Best Ethernet Cables in 2020

Everyone who has ever used Wi-Fi or any other type of wireless connection knows how this type of networking can be unreliable. For that reason, many people have turned to an Ethernet connection that guarantees great speeds and stable connection. Of course, to create a great home or office LAN network, you have to acquire quality hardware that, other than the switches and routers, also includes the best Ethernet cables, which can be a real issue, if you are not that familiar with them. For that reason, this guide will take you through a couple of steps, in order to explain the important aspects of the Ethernet cables and help you to be satisfied with your purchase.

Although LAN cables are simple products by their definition and build, they still have a couple of characteristics that separate them among each other and play an important part in the proper decisioning process and include the following:


The cable’s supported frequency/speed is something that should be chosen, depending on the nature of your network usage and characteristics of the connected devices. In other words, if your hardware and internet connection allows only for 1Gbps speeds, you won’t get many benefits if you purchase the cables with 600MHz of bandwidth that support speeds of up to 10Gbps, but you will surely spot the difference in the price.

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On the other hand, if you want to soon upgrade your network hardware, or just want to build a future-proof network, go for higher frequencies It is a more expensive option but will pay off in the long run. Have in mind that 100MHz and 250MHz cables usually allow for maximum speeds of up to 1Gbps, while 500MHz, 600MHz and 1000MHz cables allow for 10Gbps speeds.
Great quality and performance are very important for every product, including Ethernet cables, but what is their point if the cable is too short. Therefore, carefully measure and choose the LAN cables in accordance with your needs.
Good durability of the LAN cable means you will be able to use it for a longer period. In other words, the more durable and sturdier the cable, the more money will be saved in the long run.


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