Business intelligence and Big Data

Business intelligence

Nowadays, business intelligence is used as one of the best ways to assist leaders in decision making, which leads the company to grow in the market. For this reason, it is so important that there are specialized teams in BI, which have degrees as an information system and computer science.

The tools with this technology take all the numbers, data and information existing inside and outside the market, process and analyze them according to the need. In addition, the person in the area has the job of processing the data, so that it is available with easy reading, and understand about the market in which the company is inserted.

Business Analytics: helping companies to project results.

Data and Big Data Specialist

The career of data specialist may even cause a little confusion with the previous one, but his know-how in the area is more in-depth. This is because this professional has the objective of knowing and implementing policies in the data collection channels and treating them so that they are offered for reading. With his knowledge in the field of statistics and mathematics, the well-known data scientist can make the best reading of the information at hand and assist leaders and managers in decision making.

Big data is a larger and more complex set of data, especially from new data sources. These data sets are so massive that traditional data processing software simply cannot manage them. However, these large amounts of data can be used to solve business problems that you might not have been able to solve before. Professionals in this area should work with the Data Volume; the speed with which they are received and administered; a Variety of types available as structured, unstructured and metadata; its intrinsic value and its veracity.

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