Dealing with increasingly dangerous and intelligent malware

Data security cannot be neglected, as small businesses are easy targets for cybercriminals precisely because of the easy access to information.

One of the challenges faced is dealing with different malware. Ransomware, for example, is malware created for the purpose of “hijacking” data: access to the computer system is not allowed until the “ransom” is paid by the user.

Whether through consultancies, the implementation of an IT sector in the company or the hiring of a professional in the area to assist the manager and the team, it is essential to receive guidance from an expert in order to ensure security in the virtual environment - he can indicate appropriate tools or create complete solutions aimed at information security.

Desktop Support Technician jobs need some computer knowledge, but not essentially a postsecondary degree. Professionals who have taken some computer-related courses are often skilled.

Of course, this generates expenses, and the budget of small companies is usually more restricted, but it is important to understand the importance of such investment and the benefits that will be generated for the company.


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