How an IT technical support sector works?

When studying IT support, you are likely to come across terms like h elp desk and service desk . Although the terms are very similar - even being often given as synonyms, there are differences between these two services.

The help desk is the first level of support service. This means that it is common to answer calls that are simpler or focused on a single platform, such as problems with internet access, difficulty using devices and problems with specific software.

The service desk , in turn, involves more complex demands, which often require highly qualified professionals. They usually involve meeting specific demands of the company's IT sector. Therefore, they provide strategic assistance in the implementation and maintenance of the company's IT infrastructure.

It is also interesting to note that IT support can be carried out remotely or in person. Later in the text, we will better discuss the details of each of these modalities. However, it can be said that both will be used by most small and medium-sized companies.

In the case of simpler problems (those solved by the help desk ), remote support is usually sufficient. It is much cheaper and more practical to solve small problems in this way.

Service desk demands normally require the presence of a specialized technician on site. Often, to solve a problem or implement a new solution, the IT professional is required to have physical access to the machines or software.

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Despite this, the professional can also be called remotely, depending on the situation. This is the case, for example, with software configuration problems that can often be solved from a remote terminal.


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