How do these services differ?

To better understand the goals and differences of cloud storage and cloud backup, it is necessary to identify their differences. Check out three points below that separate these technologies!

In cloud storage, security is often the responsibility of the user. He is responsible for defining the access control levels of any information and who can edit a file.

In the cloud backup, this will be the responsibility of the IT manager. It will be up to him to identify which people will be able to modify, view or restore any backup. In other words, security management has a higher level of centralization.

Sync type
In cloud storage, data is synchronized whenever it is edited, ensuring that files are kept up to date across multiple devices. In the cloud backup, the company can define intervals in order to reduce network usage.

Main goal
The main purpose of cloud backup is to have a copy of data from the company's main systems and files. In cloud storage, the company seeks to keep its information synchronized between various systems.

Backup and cloud storage are two solutions that benefit from the versatility of cloud computing to become more innovative, flexible and intelligent. With them, companies and users of IT services are able to improve their workflow, cut expenses and have more mobility in their daily lives.

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When investing in cloud storage and backup, the company will have a set of more robust routines, prepared to deal with market demands and endowed with high flexibility. Therefore, always consider these services as the missing piece for the success of your business.


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