How does the firewall work?

The firewall is a tool that limits access to the computer's doors and windows and thus prevents intruders from entering.

In this way, only authorized users will be allowed some functionality on the machine.

The feature prevents the entry and exit of confidential information, as it controls the transfer of data from the computer over the internet, preventing the sending of private files to the network.

In other words, the firewall compares the information sent and received with the security settings defined by the administrator and authorizes or blocks data packets.

This process is known as “packet filtering”, since the tool performs exactly this function, that is, it blocks data packets that have not been configured in the firewall's whitelist.

Therefore, the installation of the device must be done with great care and, by a trained professional who is familiar with the company, so that he can configure the appropriate permissions.

As a computer support networking specialist, they will be involved in the maintenance of computer security from viruses on the internet, unauthorized access of the network to the unknown identity.


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