How is the long-term engineering career?

Despite confirming the prospect of a resumption in the engineering area, Marcello Nitz, academic dean of the Mauá  de Tecnologia Institute  , says that the Page Personnel figures do not yet reflect the engineering situation in Brazil. "This increase is interesting, but very optimistic, it still does not reflect the overall average", says the academic. 

According to him, the concern with employability in the short term, however, is not the motto of the Mauá Institute. “The country is experiencing a moment of instability, but we prepare the student for an active life of 40 to 50 years. During this period, he will certainly have many comings and goings in his professional career ”, he says.

The versatility of the professional trained in engineering makes his career possibilities go beyond the frontier of his specific qualification. “The engineer is a professional who fits in other market segments”, says Renato Trindade, manager of Page Personnel.

Banks and consultancies are some of the sectors outside of engineering that most hire engineers. And it is academic training that gives them a competitive edge in various areas of the job market.

“Engineering is a very demanding course. It develops an analytical capacity and problem solving skills ”, says the academic dean of Instituto  Mauá . For this reason, he ensures that many tasks that seem difficult for professionals in other areas are performed naturally by engineers.

The broad training, according to Nitz, gives engineers breathing space so that they can look for other forms of work besides the typical job, without being at the mercy of market waves.

Among students at Instituto Mauá, interest in entrepreneurship has grown, for example. “We see students engaged in innovation projects and there are also students looking for opportunities abroad,” says Nitz.

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The capacity to undertake and to innovate are essential characteristics to the new profile of the profession. “Being an engineer today is not the same as it was in the past. The fundamental technical basis of engineering may be the same, but the way of working has changed ”, he says.


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