IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

The Infrastructure as a Service , or Infrastructure as a Service, is perhaps the most important pillar because it is what makes possible the implementation of the other two in a centralized, streamlined and efficient.

The concept of IaaS is to replace the on-premises IT infrastructure with an outsourced cloud service. In this way, the business eliminates fixed capital in hardware and software and gains flexibility and savings by having an environment that is always adequate to the demand of the moment.

Good IaaS providers allow you to host your entire system: local data processing centers, hardware, network, virtualization, operating systems and databases. In addition to the structure, they also offer specialized teams to support local IT.

what is a service technician?

Most importantly in terms of cloud architecture, IaaS serves as an umbrella for PaaS and SaaS. The cloud computing infrastructure can centralize and integrate all of these solutions in a single, flexible and economical environment.


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