Difference between ITSM x ITIL

When you read “ITSM”, you may have remembered the ITIL ( Information Technology Infrastructure Library ), didn't you? This second concept, in fact, is related to the first, but they are not the same.

Basically, the ITIL library is a kind of manual of good practices related to the IT area , including infrastructure, maintenance and operation. It is able to align the processes and services of the IT area with the needs of your company, allowing customers to be more satisfied. 

In this context, ITIL can be defined as a model for managing IT services. In other words, it acts as a knowledge base regarding the best practices in this area. Therefore, it is as if ITIL were a type of methodology for the implementation of ITSM .

Another important concept to be differentiated is COBIT ( Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology ). Translating into Portuguese, this term would be “Objectives of Information Control and Related Technology”.

The COBIT is an information control model , being oriented according to the company's needs, in which the assets and resources related to the IT field are included.

Like ITIL, COBIT is a type of methodology that can be used as a basis for ITSM, establishing processes and defining control objectives.

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In general, we can say that COBIT helps to improve governance practices , aligning them with the company's objectives. With this, managers are able to follow a good manual of best practices so that processes become more effective, such as process quality analysis and task delegation.

In this sense, we can define that COBIT indicates how your company needs to act in the IT environment, while ITIL offers the correct steps for that. And, in front of it all, is the management of IT services , which is ITSM.


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