Job Description of MCITP

Microsoft MCITP Database Administrator job role involves designing and developing logical data models, create physical databases and create data services by using Transact-SQL. They manage, monitor and optimize databases. Administrators also play an important role in the installation and configuration of SQL Server.

Database administrators have to maintain SQL Server instances and manage SQL Server security. Database Administrators monitor and resolve any issues related to SQL Server. They further assist in developing solutions relating to SQL Server instances and databases. They must also successfully implement high-availability database solutions.

Administrators also must monitor security issues and respond to threats. They must have strong knowledge of data archiving, consolidation, distribution and recovery techniques. Administrators must understand the importance of capacity analysis and be able to focus on its design. It is their responsibility to design security measures for database systems using Microsoft SQL Server.

Database Administrators play an active role in providing backup and recovery solutions. They assist in designing the monitoring strategies for maintaining and managing databases. They are responsible for crafting data distribution and database server security solutions.

Database Administrators must take into consideration the entire working environment, which includes regulatory requirements, network systems and database considerations. They must document and test high-availability database solutions. They further must identify and rectify performance issues using SQL Server. They are also responsible for data integrity and system availability.


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