Microsoft has recognized a new Windows problem

Experts Microsoft acknowledged the existence of Windows errors related to user certificates. About this with reference to the materials of the company reports the publication ZDNet.

The corporation engineers have confirmed that the problem with the loss of system and user certificates is encountered by a number of Windows 10 licensees. The error can disrupt the Internet connection and affect several other functions of the operating system. According to experts, it occurs if the user has installed the next cumulative Windows update on his OS, released on September 16, and then updated to a newer version. Also, an important condition for the appearance of a problem with certificates is the fact of installing Windows from an ISO image.

The computer network technician should be able to identify the causes of networking issues, using diagnostic testing software and devices.

At the same time, the problem does not affect computers that received a system update through Windows Update. Microsoft engineers have promised to fix the bug and provide an update in the coming weeks. At the moment, users can try to solve the bug by removing the current update.

The journalists of the publication drew attention to the fact that the corresponding problem can interfere with users, especially during a pandemic, when an impressive part of the company's employees is at remote work. This is because users will not be able to set up a corporate VPN, which might require an up-to-date Windows certificate.

In early November, Microsoft publicly acknowledged problems with the Start menu, which resulted in users being unable to interact with OS elements. Also, experts noted that in some cases, the Office and Microsoft Store system applications may be disconnected from the Internet.


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