Migrating from production environments requires special attention.

Companies that want to move their production environments to the cloud should look for a partner whose specialty is this. It is necessary to understand which applications were born architected for the cloud and which are not part of this group. The two cases have totally different migration strategies, as well as different architectures and support operations.

As most companies have applications that were born for local environments, everyone in this scenario understands how complex it is to change the dynamics of these applications, or redesign them for the cloud, which is very time consuming and costly.

It is possible to migrate applications that were not born to the cloud and take advantage of the best in the use of this technology, however, it is necessary to hire a partner who already has specific experiences for this type of operation. Just as having a partner specialized in this type of scenario helps a lot in the redesign of applications in medium or long term strategies, or even to manage and migrate this type of application that your company already has, due to the level of expertise in cloud, banks data, security and operating systems that this type of supplier must have among its employees.

As you have seen, migrating to the cloud is the ideal way for modern business. Being aware of the advantages and the processes to be followed for this migration is essential, and a good cloud service provider helps a lot.

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