On the list of cloud computing, Brazil boasts only penultimate place

A study carried out by BSA / The Software Alliance with the 24 countries that represent about 80% of the world market for Information Technology  showed that Brazil still occupies a terrible position with regard to the use of cloud computing , a concept that is growing a lot in recent years and is already extremely important for the future of the internet .

Policies related to cloud computing in seven different areas of activity were taken into account: data privacy, security , cybercrime , intellectual property rights, support for industry standards and international harmonization of rules, promotion of free exchange and IT readiness and broadband development. In each of them, several factors were studied, and the data generated the list in which Brazil appears only in the penultimate place, ahead only of China and Vietnam and behind countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico.

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The country's biggest weaknesses in relation to cloud computing are especially in the field of legislation. Despite this, Brazil has improved its score in terms of security, infrastructure and freedom on the internet. 


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