Quantum computing begins to blossom

When we manage to democratize the most advanced and complex technologies, making them accessible, available and intelligible to the greatest possible number of people, a lot of good happens.

There is no doubt that we are in the early stages of a completely unprecedented transformation in computing. In this age of pioneering, it is extremely important that we let as many people as possible get their hands dirty and try to unravel quantum computing. As companies and institutions begin to experience the quantum universe for the first time, and this expertise begins to go beyond the academic world, we will see business plans and the first seeds of products and services based on a quantum future. As we saw with machine learning, when the software ecosystem manages to leverage real hardware, thousands of applications will take shape.

Over time, probably around the next decade, quantum computing will transform areas like chemical engineering, materials science, drug discovery, financial portfolio optimization, machine learning and more. But that will only happen if more and more diverse people start to imagine that future. 2021 will be the year when quantum computing will begin to blossom.

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