Specialized systems for computer network simulation

The efficiency of building and using corporate information systems has become an extremely urgent task, especially in the context of insufficient financing of information technologies in enterprises.

The criteria for evaluating effectiveness can be to reduce the cost of implementing an information system, to comply with current requirements and the requirements of the near future, the possibility and cost of further development and the transition to new technologies.

The basis of the information system is a computer system, which includes components such as a cable network and active network equipment, computer and peripheral equipment, data storage equipment (libraries), system software (operating systems, data management systems). databases), special software (monitoring systems and network management) and, in some cases, software applications.

In fact, information technology specialists can work in various areas of information technology. They work in the help desk to redress the problems that end users face. Specialists can also don roles of software engineers, software developers, database administrators, system analysts, computer security technicians, and network analysts, among others.

The most common approach to computer systems design today is to use expert judgment. According to this approach, specialists in the field of computing facilities, active network equipment and cable networks, based on their experience and expert evaluations, design a computing system that provides a solution to a specific problem or class of problems. . This approach allows you to minimize costs at the design stage, to quickly assess the cost of implementing an information system. However, decisions obtained using expert evaluations are subjective, the requirements for hardware and software also sinning subjectivity, as well as the evaluation of the guarantees of operability and development of the proposed system project.

Alternatively, an approach involving the development of a model and the simulation (working simulation - simulation) of the behavior of a computing system can be used.


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