Systems Analyst Career and Roles

The systems analyst or currently better known as information systematizer, is one who aims to carry out studies of computational processes to find the best and most rational way for virtual information to be processed. This professional studies the various systems that exist between hardware and software and the end user, including their behaviors and applications.

Recommended training: Degree in Computer Science, Informatics or Computer Engineering or any other area of ​​mathematical basis.


  • Administration of the flow of information generated and distributed by computer networks within an organization
  • Planning and organization of information processing, storage, retrieval and availability
  • Support to users and technological infrastructure
  • Project management
  • Requirements gathering, analysis, specification, system design, programming, testing, approval, implementation and monitoring of the systems requested by
  • your users
  • Creation of new computer products and services

Salary:  Internet systems analyst: R $ 6,800 to R $ 9,100 reais. Systems Analyst: R $ 4,700 to R $ 7,600 reais.

The Microsoft Office Specialist is considered an integral part of many businesses as they skillfully use an office suite to perform essential daily duties like written correspondence through MS-word, email programs, analyzing data sets. Know more about the MOS certification.


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