The Computer Technician Personal Profile

The Computer Technician, from the Information and Communication Technological Axis, is characterized as a professional committed to social and economic development, respecting ethical, moral, cultural, social values ​​and with professional skills that qualify him to perform the following functions:

  • Provide support in the use of general purpose applications (text editor, spreadsheet, presentation software and Internet browsers).
  • Develop logical mathematical reasoning from reflective and organized thoughts.
  • Develop structured algorithms;
  • Develop programs through the modular division;
  • Use programming languages ​​and environments in software development;
  • Use basic data structures in the development of a computerized system;
  • Collect, organize and document information for software development;
  • Design and develop software, using techniques for implementing, manipulating and querying information in a database;
  • Apply object-oriented programming techniques;
  • Develop static web pages;
  • Develop Internet systems with access to databases;
  • Identify network architectures and types, services and server functions;
  • Install and maintain structured cabling on computer networks;
  • Install and configure computer network protocols and their services;
  • Identify physical means, devices and communication patterns, recognizing the implications of their application in the network environment;
  • Recognize and operate the services and functions of operating systems;
  • Install and configure microcomputer operating systems;
  • Support the installation and implementation of computerization systems for companies;
  • Identify the source of failures in the functioning of computers, peripherals and software, assessing their effects;
  • Identify the functioning and relationship between the components of computers and their peripherals;
  • Configure and troubleshoot basic and utility software;
  • Identify, read and understand different authentic textual genres written in English;
  • Seeking information in order to develop the culture of keeping up to date with the state of the art in Informatics.

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