The next phase of cloud computing

The era of AWS dominance shows no signs of slowing, but competition is fierce.

"Microsoft was able to fill the gap by focusing on open code and marketing it in its cloud as fast as AWS," says Bartoletti. " Google is working hard not to focus too much on cutting-edge technology and to focus on helping companies move workloads to the cloud."

The breadth and maturity of services, supported by strong engineering skills and relentless customer focus, seek to keep AWS ahead of the curve for some time. Now, the company's ability to simplify the adoption of new technologies for corporate customers through managed services will be the litmus test for the next wave of cloud computing adoption. It will also determine how AWS will fare against fierce competition from Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

"I think it is far from being true that AWS will always dominate the cloud market," says Mohan of IDC. At the same time, he recognizes that competitors have a lot to recover.

"Google is still far behind and Microsoft, although a force, has certain advantages in the corporate market," says Mohan. “It is conceivable that companies will approach, but I do not expect substantial changes in the coming years… There is a leap in capacity and scale that is yet to be built. All of this gives [AWS] a clearly dominant position for now ”.

As Warren Buffet said: "never bet against America". And when it comes to the public cloud market, we learned that it would be equally unwise to bet against Amazon.

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