What are the fields of activity in the engineering area?

The time has come to discover the areas of expertise of the electrical engineer. We already say that there are many, considering that this professional has the technical capacity to perform different roles.

See the fields in which you can work!

Working in civil construction is one of the main job opportunities for this professional. In general, he elaborates electrical circuits in works and is still responsible for choosing the materials to be used.

Electricity industry
Of course, the electrical engineer can stand out a lot in the electric power sector . It can assist in the creation and operation of projects, such as hydroelectric, wind and solar plants, in addition to being essential for the assembly of photovoltaic energy systems - a strong trend for the coming years.

Industrial automation and control
We said that the performance within the industry is one of the ones that should grow the most, right? With Digital Transformation, the electrical engineer becomes essential for the planning and construction of automation structures , such as sensors and intelligent systems.

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The Telecommunications area is also expected to grow a lot in the coming years, especially as the pandemic has accelerated the demand for a faster and more efficient internet. In this case, the graduate in Electrical Engineering can work building electronic circuits for telephony, data transmission and even smartphones.


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