What does a Product Leader do?

The product leader is a fundamental professional for the growth of a startup and the maintenance of a scale-up. For many times, this professional is responsible for monitoring the progress of the technical project, analyzing market conditions and also establishing a different product vision to stand out among competitors. In addition, the product leader works hard with people management and has strategic knowledge in the quest to increase the company's productivity .

Thinking to better exemplify the role of the product leader in the company, we have prepared an article that details more about your main responsibilities and what skills need to be part of the professional. Check out.

What does a product leader do?
Indicates which path to take
One of the main responsibilities of a product leader is to indicate to his team which path must be taken for the delivery of a given project. For this to be possible, the professional needs to clearly understand what the client's needs are and analyze the product's feasibility in a certain period of production.

However, although it seems that this responsibility belongs only to the leader, the entire technology team can make suggestions and define possibilities according to the technology that is used in the project. The presence of a leadership for these teams is precisely to ensure that all steps are executed and that nothing is lost during the process.

From the definition of what needs to be done, it is also up to the technical leader to measure the performance of his team for possible analysis of what is going right or wrong in the work routine. It is also up to the leader to make changes so that these goals are achieved.

Assists in building the development team
Another responsibility attributed to product leaders is to build a high performance team. Currently, a factor that makes the work of a leader even more difficult is the management of remote teams . With the normalization of the home office regime, one of the main doubts that arise is how to create a cohesive, productive unit that moves in the same direction, when you do not have that regular human contact.

The systems engineer will often work together with a project manager and the engineering crew and becomes the primary point of communication to interlink between the two to simplify the accomplishment of a successful system.

This is where a possible differential of a technical leader comes in because the professional who specializes in this type of management will stand out in the technology market. A good step to face this challenge is to define clear and objective goals for your team, use tools for task management and also organize well-designed schedules so that your management is simplified.


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