What is the importance of taking English proficiency test?

English proficiency certificates have different objectives and benefits, but both prove your fluency in the language . As this language is the most influential in the world, exams are essential to obtain job opportunities , study abroad and even in Brazil.

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In addition, even if you finish an English course at a school specializing in the language, the certificate is not recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). This is where proficiency becomes even more valid as it becomes a competitive differentiator .

In other words, it is a way for you to get a job abroad and reach a new professional level in Brazilian companies. Thus, you prove that your knowledge is prepared to face different situations.

What are the English proficiency levels?
The Common European Framework or Framework is an international standard ranking that classifies the levels of knowledge in English in different gradations. There are 6 different possibilities. See what they are!

Level A
Its division is in A1 (beginner) and A2 (basic). The person who receives this certificate of proficiency in English proves that he understands and uses everyday expressions to communicate in routine.

Level B
The intermediate (B1) and the post-intermediate (B2) signal that the student has a higher level of knowledge and understanding. In the first case, the student understands the main issues of familiar themes and is even able to reproduce coherent and simple speeches on known subjects.

Those who receive level B2 are already more independent. Understands the main and complex ideas of texts, even though the subjects are abstract. He also understands technical discussions about his area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. Can communicate with native speakers without problems.

Level C
C1 is the advanced level and C2 is the proficient one. They are the highest levels that anyone can reach and are asked to study or work abroad . In the first degree, the person understands long and demanding texts, and communicates spontaneously and fluently.

In the latter, he has full control and understands effortlessly everything he hears or reads. IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge are the most requested English proficiency tests internationally.

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