Who are the data professionals?

As you could see in the previous topic, data professionals have a complex job that requires a lot of preparation to ensure that the data journey is successful.

So it is important to know who these professionals are. The data scientist, in general, is that professional who studies and works with data science.

He is responsible for designing the models and mechanisms that will be used in data analysis. For that, it is necessary that he has some technical skills and knowledge in mathematics, statistics and technology.

The data professional must have a multidisciplinary profile, covering both the technical and the subjective issues, through strategic thinking. He will need to be able to interpret the results of the analysis and understand how they can be applied in business.

 There are several careers that this professional can follow in data science, among them are:

Data scientist: the person must have experience with computer science, mathematics and statistics. She will be responsible for analyzing and extracting Big Data insights. It is the broadest career in the field;
Data engineer: another way forward is data engineering. You will detect trends in the analyzed data sets and develop the algorithms used to make the process even more accurate. In addition, you will be responsible for designing systems and structures to gather all data;

The Cyber Security Specialist will execute projects in Dynamic Application Security Testing. They customize application security assessments for the client. They conduct personalized ASP.NET/JAVA application code reviews for clients.
Data analyst: this professional collects, analyzes and interprets the insights used in decision making, helping other sectors to make the best use of results.


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